Carl Le’Attitude ~ Human Behavior Modification

Carl the Cat with Lattitude ~ Human Behavior Modification


Cat’s must remember,
humans are individuals too,
and some behavior are unacceptable
And they must undergo
human learning modification procedures.

These are a set of procedures that,
will result in changes in their behavior.

There are a few activities that humans
normally engage in that cat’s consider
inappropriate include aggressive play,
like human aggression towards their cats,
and unreasonable…

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Chemistry of Flowers


How are flowers made…
Photosynthesis is the process
by which carbon dioxide is taken in
by plant cells, as those in flowers,
to be converted and synthesized
changing into oxygen.

Flowers create this chemical reaction
For the benefit of human beings,
To grow fruit and the making of
supplementary vitamin
and minerals.

Most important is photosynthesis,
the conversion of carbon dioxide
That humans…

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I know you may have been a little melancholy Maybe missing something not quite sure, But I hope it…


I know you may have been a little melancholy
Maybe missing something not quite sure,
But I hope it was me. I have been missing you,
I miss my best friend terribly.
Even though we have our writing,
We write everyday, but you need more
And so do I, it’s time, don’t you think,
To become a couple, a plain pair of two?

But how to go forward from here
It is the most important thing. Lovers becoming

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The Purple Sage


Purple Sage from my Texas garden. She is 14 years old.









Your wisdom grows with every year,
You stand beautiful and true.

Getting along having lived fearlessly
As a Texas purple flowering shrub,
Though some would considered me as
Zane Gray might say it,
“The purple sage of cowboy song and fame.”

A true survivor of the old west,
An Ancient and the true sage.

I am native of the Ute Tribe

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Carl ~ On Training Your Human

Carl Catittude’s




When it comes to dealing with play,
Cats should attempt to set boundaries
For their owners as soon as possible,
Preferably before adulthood.

One simple tip is to interact
By walking away if your human is biting,
Scratching or pouncing on you.

This will help teach humans
That as a cat you will not tolerate
Human negative behavior.

And it is unwanted and unrewarded.
Withholding attention and…

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if we were roses

If we wer


We are brilliantly modest
And yes my partner is modestly stunning.
And if we were roses,
I would want to be planted next to them,
Even though we would appear foolish
Next to so much an elegant extravagance,
But a rose, we are not.

Our delicate, mature appearance
Tricks an average eye,
For far deep beneath our petals
Is where our youthful colors lie.

We’re the mother of all flowers,
A golden drop…

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Love by Choice


What is freedom for, If not for peace,
And to love, isn’t that what it’s for…
Isn’t freedom about how we choose to live by choice,
To me it’s more than a way of life.

But it’s life in the way we choose to live it
By having the option of choice,
And by having those rights endowed,
That we have earned…and so richly desire.

And so with choice comes responsibility,
It is a privilege to be respected,

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Why I love you~ Kiss


I heard the words escaping your lips,
Does your heart not deny,
This love and trust within, friendship,
To admit such feelings so intimate
And powerful awareness of us exist .

Proving to be hopeful,
With hearts pounding,
Our bodies trembling
Who was the first to break,

To say those three special words,
This tension between us so creates,
With such a deep breath,
All pride put aside,

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