Life Above the Mat ~ Flowers Daily

Life Above the Mat ~ Flowers Daily


Life at the Launderette
With a new name; the Sultry Suds
It can be interesting,
Occasionally, enough.

I live above the Launderette now
It’s where I met my boyfriend,
Where I meet all my friends, and
My best friend, I fell in love there too.
Living above the Laundry.

It’s a place where we can share stories
And do more than just a load at time.
It’s a pub and suds, if you like to pop in,
To the…

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The Writing Process Blog Tour

The Writing Process Blog Tour


Blog tour!

Originally posted on Eye-Dancers:

Once again, I have been invited to participate in a blog hop, and once again, I thank you, the WordPress Community, for all of your ongoing support.  It’s a true pleasure being a part of the blogosphere, and having the chance to virtually meet so many great people from around the world has been a richly rewarding experience.

This blog hop–the…

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Word Play


Nothing more true. This is a must read.

Originally posted on Words by Justin Case:

I’ll always remember how she reacted the first time I let my words lightly, softly, gently, touch her mind.

It was a Saturday in November when I first placed my words in her mind. Simple word play at first, like six words. It produced a simple smile. But then it progressed to more. So very much more.


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The Doors; The End, live.

The Doors; The End, live.


From Charles1958….Listening is a must.

Originally posted on charles1958:

For writer 101, which In am  undertaking I had to choose and write about 3 of my favorite pieces of music, which I did but the thing disappeared into this air, so I decided to blog all three anyway The first was Bob Dylan’s Like a rolling Stone, which I blogged on Saturday, and here is the second choice (the third is…

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Must open to new doors to know joy. “Show me the way to love.”

Must open to new doors to know joy. “Show me the way to love.”

Originally posted on johncoyote:

021_21 Show me the way to love.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

A poem written in 1979. Being young and hopeful is when we have no fear of disappointment.


                         Show me the way to love

I found her sitting alone on a Friday night.
Sipping a rum and coke.
I requested to sit with her.
She gave a half smile and told me.
“Seat is empty. I ain’t much…

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Life above the Laundry-O-Mat
At the Suds and Duds,
It can be interesting,
Occasionally, enough.

I live above the Launderette
It’s where met my boyfriend,
Where I meet all my friends
My best friend, I fell in love there
Living above the Laundry-O-Mat.

It’s a place where you can share stories
And do More than just a load at time.
I no longer at the Laundry-O-Mat,
Instead I am the Launderette
Where Jim Bob Chuck lives at.

But before I left this Picture Man came by
You know wanted to take pictures
With his IPad, calls himself Ipadphotographer,
Or something like that.

Says he’s a pro photo man, but I don’t know,
He wanted to take pictures of my flat,
And my home above and the Mat.
I told him, show me some cash,
And I will think about that,
After all, why should he get it all
Some of the royalties should go to me
Don’t you think…

So folded neatly from a laundry bag,
sweetly, he gave me a fluffy stack,
Unlaundried, cleaned and green
I could not believe it.

And I said, “What do you think this is,”
A brothel or something like that, I said,
“I can’t take that in here, take it upstairs
There are camera’s in here, I said.
Stomping one foot, with my hand on my hip.

You need to show me more than that
We just laugh and smiled and repeated,
“Asking me to stomp one more time”
And I just laughed.

So I told him, “Hey Ipad Picture man,”
“I will show you the flat and the Mat,
You can take photo’s of the it and the flat
Looking for nothing outside of that.” I said,
Just leave the cash on the table.

When I told him that, he laughed,
Ipadphotography man accepted my offer,
Leaving the cash donation on the table,
Then I let him shoot all the photos he wanted
And he was happy, So i gave him a lifetime
Laundry pass and beer for free, Kind of,
He’ll have to come to get it.

How about it, it’s the first time
I’d ever seen anything like that,
I never seen that much cash in a bag,
And that’s all I know about that.

So life goes on, Life above the Launderette,
It ain’t so bad, because I love Jim Bob,
And he loves me and it feels good too,
To have someone and something like that,
I feel like dancing …If you know what I mean.

I Love You Jim Bob Chuck!

Thank you Ipadphotograhy man!


Life Above The Mat- The Photo Man Life above the Laundry-O-Mat At the Suds and Duds, It can be interesting, Occasionally, enough. I live above the Launderette…