Paris journey’s - The Mystic

Paris journey’s – The Mystic

20140809-043006 pm-59406818.jpg

The journey is a mystic experience
Beyond hidden oceans we traveled
The fragile heart is not allowed
Our devotion uncompromising.

Enchanting and enticing,
Through a translucent mist,
Time floats in the silver sea,
Shining, we were sun-kissed and hot.

We wandered night and day,
He sang to me by the pearl blue ocean
In a land so far away, where we had
Gone to discover our true love.

Walking on a…

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Life Above the Mat- USB Deluxe

Life Above the Mat- USB Deluxe


Life above the Mat, at the Launderette
At the Sultry Suds, it can be interesting,
Occasionally, enough.

I live above the Laundromat
It’s where I met my boyfriend at
Where I meet all my friends, and
My best friend, I fell in love there too,
Living life deluxe.

It’s a place where I can share stories
And do more than just a load at time,
It’s a pub and suds, if you’d like to pop in,
For some fun,…

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Paris Journeys- Discovery in Paris

20140723-035219 pm-57139636.jpg
Feelings as if I am Still dancing
Light as air, a flightless bird
With beautiful wings, letting go
And holding on, lips
Barely moving,
I’m never coming down.

Standing here on sacred ground,
In this perfect perfection,
In the awe of you,
The maleness of your loveliness,
Craving, relentless and tender hearts breaking.
More than I ever dreamed,
More than the most possible.

Shuttering to think,

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Gastropoda Mollusk

20140722-083532 am-30932783.jpg

I met a Slug the other day.

His name suits his appearance just fine.

This shell-less terrestrial, gastropod mollusc it was.

The word “slug” is a part of the one that has no shell.

Sometimes it’s a very reduced shell, or has only a small internal shell.

Rather a slimy slithered creature.

Greatly contrast to the common snail, applying to those with a coiled shell.

But large enough to retract…

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Paris Journey’s - Eating Haddock

Paris Journey’s – Eating Haddock

20140715-091714 pm-76634706.jpg
The flavour flourishing, relapsing
Seas of splendour plenty
Rendering to me, exotic delicacies
From the bays of the Atlantic
Probably fresh everyday.

And then again the thoughts of you
Stretching and yawning,
An aroma so disturbing,
But so oh aroused with the curve of morning light across my face, my memory blushes and I scorn the scent of haddock, hurling almost,
The first time I ate him, I…

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Paris Journey’s ~ Together

Paris Journey’s ~ Together

20140715-080217 pm-72137329.jpg

Day 15

I wish to reach the epiphany of
My every Desire, it Is here, together, and
I’m no longer casting aside tears ,
For one who I have found so worthy
Perhaps I shall flourish.

So when I think of you and smile
You are home now, so am I
These familiar feeling rushes down
The trellis of my body,
Thinking once of parting
Attempting to be no longer addicted
But my will fails me, remembering this

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Paris Journey’s ~ Celebrations

Paris Journey’s ~ Celebrations

Last night was a moment in Paris
Professing my Love, opening my heart
Perhaps a moment too too bold! too soon,
Maybe I pushed, I don’t know,
But I had to reveal it.

I saw a heart so delicate,
A mind so determined, yet fragile,
Perhaps too much to drink, I don’t know
I would never hurt you,
I adore you too much.

Although maybe we had too much champaign
Rich foods, days of castles, love in the grass

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Paris Journey’s~ Building Castles

Paris Journey’s~ Building Castles

Day 14
Beyond these castle walls
Of history long past
Shall I live the rest of years
If they ask me to stay, I would
Perhaps a life to share, maybe
And do stay I will for as long as I can
I want to dream,
To never let me go.

The minutes past so quickly,
Our time here on the hill
Looking out to the bay
Where castle walls still stand
A thousand years old
That’s how much I love you
And I want you…

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Paris Journey’s ~ Infinitely

Paris Journey’s ~ Infinitely


Day 13
I love to write as I am finding everyday,
Life gets a little bit easier,
I am beginning to love my life again,
Once more and I love him too.

One look at him and I know,
That I love more each day.
It seems we make a good team.
We do everything together,
Even the small stuff.

We never fuss or fight
And he is so generous,
Sharing everything with me,
His life mostly, it’s pure in a sense,

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